What is a Certified Charm Card Master?

The Charm Card Master Navigator is a certification issued by the Ehon Charm Touch Association that allows you to conduct reading sessions with charm cards and to train charm card navigators. Once you are certified as a Charm Card Master Navigator, you will be able to do the following

  • Teach the Charm Card Navigator Training Course on your own.
  • Conduct your own charm card reading sessions
  • Participate in events organized by the Ehon Charm Touch Association
  • Exchange information with the certified teacher community
  • Sell products related to charm cards
  • Other activities

For those who do not need the certification, a certificate will be issued, but the above activities will not be available.

Outline of the course

Who should attend

Certified Charm Card Navigators

Course content and duration

25 hours in total

The main content of the course is as follows

  • What are charm cards?
  • Sound Wave Healing and Charm Cards
  • Aroma and Charm Cards
  • Touch therapy using charm cards (charm touch)
  • Working with the Charm Cards by card
  • How to organize a class
  • etc…

The contents are subject to change.

Course Materials

  • Textbook
  • Charm Card

Course Fee

180,000 yen

Other fees

The following fees are required to become a certified charm card navigator.

  • License fee: 24,000 yen / year
    *This fee is necessary for the Association to support the activities of certified instructors, and is collected annually while you are working as a Charm Card Navigator.